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VacMaster Prep Plate for Vacuum Packaging


The VacMaster's Prep Plate is a key kitchen tool when prepping vacuum packaging bags. Don't worry about messy spills trying to transport juicy or breaded meat and marinated vegetables. With the Prep Plate you can completely eliminate the messiness of prep applications. This plate is perfect for getting you from prepping to sealing food, ensuring a quick and clean transfer of food from the plate to bags, without any fuss. This accessory allows you to prep whatever portions you have and easily bag them, as it comes with three fingers that can be removed or added based on the size of the food being prepared. The plate keeps your seals strong by keeping the sealing area of the bag clean. Sturdy stainless steel construction will not scratch or wear. Useful and innovative, our Prep Plate is the ideal accessory for any kitchen prep application.

Brand History

VacMaster offers professional quality equipment adapted for your kitchen. Headquartered in Kansas City, VacMaster has been supplying industrial quality machines to the food processing industry for almost three decades. Today, you can have VacMaster's proven commercial quality in your kitchen. In addition to offering a full line of suction machines, VacMaster was the first to bring Chamber technology to the home kitchen. VacMaster continues to stay on the forefront of vacuum packaging technology, bringing innovative products that are superior in both quality and value to you.

Beyond machines, VacMaster vacuum bags, chamber pouches and accessories also feature patented technology and unique designs ensuring superior performance in your home.

Product Features

  • Holds food for easy prepping for vacuum packaging.
  • Three removable fingers adapt to different portion sizes.
  • Keeps the sealing area clean for reliable seals.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • Perfect accessory for use with VacMaster Vacuum Sealers.

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