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NoNoise Shoot - New Generation Ear Plugs - Ceramic Filter


NoNoise Earplugs -åÊPatented Ceramic Filtration Technology
The most advanced universal-fit hearing defence ever

Shooting activities can produce noises levels up to 150dB. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection.

New NoNoise earplugs mean a longer lasting material and a bigger size to fit everyone. NoNoise earplugs are the most advanced universal-fit hearing protection in the world. These new generation ear plugs are the first with a precision sound filter positioned deep into the hearing channel of the ear. Therefore you can be sure the maximum level of sound waves will be filtered first and will not 'leak' passed the filter. NoNoise is the new generation in hearing protection. The NoNoise patented sound filters are made from a special ceramic material using zirconium oxide. The quality of this high-tech ceramic material ensures precision attenuation and high definition sound.

The Venturi-shaped channel, running through the centre of the filter, absorbs sound waves different then other filters (even the most expensive other ear plugs use a straight channel) ensuring best quality, protection and dampened sound It is like adjusting the volume. NoNoise is a a silicone-free construction - particularly appreciated by those who wear their Hearing Protectors regularly and have health issues. This unique thermoplastic outer material also gives a feeling of supreme softness and comfort, even when you are sleeping with NoNoise Hearing Protectors or wearing them for extended periods. And with no muffling effect you will hardly notice you are wearing them so you will get used to them quickly. On request from many users Nonoise gave the earplugs an orange color, this way the earplugs can be spotted immediately when dropped on an asphalt road.

Brand History

Launched in 2012, NoNoise have created the first and only Universal-Fit Hearing. Protectors, that are able to position a precision sound filter deeply into the hearing channel of the ear. This ensures that the maximum level of sound waves reaching your eardrum is first filtered. NoNoise revolutionary design ensures optimum attenuation, helping prevent damaging sound waves from passing around the outside of the filter. Precision filtration does not muffle or block your ears, so you will not experience an - occlusionåÊ- effect common with other hearing protectors.

Product Features

Precision noise filtration. Hear what you want, not what you don't.

It's all very well trying to block out all sound - but sometimes you still need to be able to hear conversation, the cry of a baby, a car horn etc. NoNoise's patented precision-tuning means you can reduce the noises you don't want to hear, but keep those that you do. And because our filters are formed with the Venturi-shaped sound channel, from high grade ceramic material (zirconium oxide) at 2,715C, the internal aperture surface is perfectly smooth. This results in more precise sound attenuation than with plastic (PE) filters which leave a rough, uneven channel surface.

No muffling effect - no blocked ear feeling with NoNoise products.

Traditional ear plugs leave your hearing feeling blocked and unnatural. This muffling or occlusion can be disturbing over long periods and can even affect our balance and physical judgement. We have engineered this effect out of NoNoise Hearing Protectors, for ultimate comfort and practicality.

Silicone-free construction.

Many people have health concerns over the use of silicone (medical grade or otherwise), so we offer a silicone-free construction -åÊparticularly appreciated by those who wear their Hearing Protectors regularly.

Comfortable & re-usable.

Unique thermoplastic outer construction gives a feeling of supreme softness and comfort, even when you are sleeping with NoNoise Hearing Protectors or wearing them for extended periods. And with no muffling effect you will barely notice you are wearing them.

More than 20 years of experience - we know what we are doing.

NoNoise Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading audiologists and hearing technicians in the Netherlands over 20 years. We are very experienced with designing and producing professional custom-fit hearing protectors. Our experience and unique technology means that you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your valuable hearing.

Rigorous production quality standards.

NoNoise production quality standards exceed the European Standard EN352-2; production is independently certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Independently tested and approved in Germany.

Unlike many manufacturers, we are proud to share our test results and use an internationally recognised independent German testing institute.

Affordable pricing.

We are able to offer such low prices because we share our patented ceramic filter technology with our professional custom-fit protectors -åÊwhich means we can pass on our production savings to you. Without the enormous investments we have made in research and precision machinery over many years, this would simply not be possible.

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