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NewAir AF-1000 Portable Evaporative Cooler


Enjoy fresher, cleaner and cooler air with the NewAir AF-1000 evaporative cooler!

The AF-1000 has the power to cool any room in your home. It's portable, and its rich red color makes it stand out anywhere you want. It can cool up to 300 square feet, and it oscillates to ensure it cools the entire space. The water level indicator lets you know when you need to refill the tank, so you can be sure you'll be cool and comfortable at all times.

Regions with an ideal climate for evaporative cooler usage include the Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States.

Brand History

NewAir is a premier provider of custom built and luxury home appliances. Excellence is our motto, our belief and our everyday way of working. Founded in 2002, we originally started our venture with a goal of precision and class. 13 years later we are recognized as a renowned leader in Air Quality Control, Ice and Wine and Beverage.

At NewAir We Think, We Plan, We Test and then We Produce. This in-turn has allowed our diligent and professional team to develop products that all carry a sophisticated design, innovative technology and exceptional performance.

NewAir has set standards for home appliance manufacturers all over the US. We don't just produce mass amounts of products, we produce home appliances that are designed to make your home a better place. We produce appliances that are suited to one persons everyday needs and to another a luxury purchase. We create high quality and reliable products that offer unprecedented performance for today's busy consumers. We have created our products to suit your needs, your wants and to make your life easier.

Product Features

Cooling Pad & Filter

The cooling pad and filter work together to ensure you have clean, cool air any time.

Water Level Indicator

The AF-1000 comes with a water level indicator so you can make sure it's always ready to cool.

Remote Control

The included remote is perfect for controlling your cooler from across the room.

Product Details

NewAir AF-1000 Red Portable Evaporative Cooler

This compact evaporative cooler by NewAir uses only the natural cooling power of evaporation to cool rooms up to 300 square feet. Along with being super powerful, it also looks fabulous with a simple but striking shade of red.

Cools Up To 300 Square Feet

The NewAir AF-1000 will freshen and clean the air in any small to medium size room of up to 300 square feet. It is guaranteed to save you money over the cost of traditional air conditioners powered by refrigerants, but it is also a better choice for the environment and your family as well. This earth friendly cooling method does not require any harmful chemicals or refrigerants to operate.

Unmatched Efficiency

The AF-1000 is one of the most striking and eye catching residential evaporating cooler units on the market. It immediately catches your eye with its striking red shade, adding a splash of color to any environment. Plus, it offers unmatched efficiency and value! It use only 160 watts of energy, so you can afford to use anytime you need a little extra cooling.


In addition to all of the above, this powerful and compact air cooler is also earth friendly, as it doesn't use harsh chemicals or refrigerants to cool the air. All this unit requires is water and electricity. This unit holds up to 5.3 gallons of water and can even operate with no water at all, of course this means that it won't really be cooling any more than a fan. There's an ice tank for extra cooling and a water level indicator for easy maintenance, plus, there is no water required when used in FAN ONLY mode.

The New Air AF-1000 Will Save You Money

Because this portable evaporative cooler does not require a compressor, therefore making it better than standard cooling units. For far less than the cost of a traditional air conditioner, the NewAir AF-1000 can decrease the temperature by up to 30 degrees. Allowing you and your family to stay cool while saving money!

Carbon Filter Included

The NewAir AF-1000 will do more than cool the air in your home. With this portable evaporative swamp cooler, you are sure to breathe a little easier.

AF-1000 Series Product Manual

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