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Mammoth Elevate Diffuser


Mammoth Elevate essential oil diffuser is the only aroma diffuser with a remote! Now you can control your aroma diffuser with the click of a button with many customized options.

Mammoth Elevate uses a quality ceramic plate ultrasonic diffusion to create finer mist for more an even fresher scent. As a new improvement from the Mammoth Serenity, the top now easily comes off while the base is wide & supportive.

To Use
Simply plug the power adaptor in and press On/Off. Very easy to use and clean. To add water, simply lift the top lid and add water + 2-3 drops of aromatherapy grade essential oil.

To Use
1 Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Customer Service. Visit our website for 24/7 tutorials and instructions, or you can contact us by email and phone.

To Clean & Store
Open the top lid by pulling top lid up. Pour out the water inside and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Q-tip can be used to clean any build-up on the ceramic diffuser plate.

Q: How long does the Allie Elevate run? The Mammoth diffuser will run for about 3 to 6 hours depending on setting. The setting can be adjusted by remote.

Q: How many drops of essential oil do I need? You must only use aromatherapy grade essential oil. With a full tank of water, you should only add 2-3 drops of essential oil.

Q: Is the Mammoth Elevate safe to use? Of course. This aromatherapy diffuser uses low voltage to power on. Therefore making it safe to use for yourself and loved ones. Also, it has CE & RoHS safety certification.

How is this different than the Mammoth Serenity & Allie model? This aroma diffuser is the improved model with a remote.

Mammoth Elevate Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

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