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Mammoth Classic Air Purifier


Shake off the idea of purchasing other air purifier brands because the Mammoth Air Purifier Classic is all you need! The Mammoth Air Purifier Classic is an elegant and stylish odor and bacteria-eliminating air purifier that is perfect for home, office or any other enclosed space. You don't have to worry anymore about the harmful contaminants in your home because the Mammoth Classic Air Purifier boasts of a 5-stage filtration system that surely knocks out 99.97% of all air-borne particles! Now that keeps you and your loved ones safe.

The Mammoth Classic Air Purifier is easy and simple to use.

Simply turn it on and let the air purifier run to clean the air.

The Classic air purifier has a separate ozone control to allow additional flexibility to use ozone.

Award as top design of 2013, the Mammoth xC uses a solid wood stained casing, suited anywhere into your home.

Mammoth Classic Key Benefits:

  • Sleep better at night - with the Mammoth Classic's HEPA filter cleaning out 99.97% of all pollutants in the air. Sleep with a peace of mind.
  • Say goodbye to odor - with the Mammoth Classic's Carbon filter absorbing unwanted odor in the air. The carbon filter binds with odor making particles.
  • Stay healthy - with cleaner air with Mammoth Classic's air purifier continuously cleaning the air. With Classic, the air purifier can run continuously silently for your family.
  • Allergy is now yesterday's problem - with Mammoth Classic's filter, trapping pollens that causes sneezes and runny nose. Breath again without pills or medicine.

Mammoth Classic Air Purifier Filter

All Filters Assume Continuous 24/7 Usage
Change Every 6 Months
HEPA, Carbon, & Photocatalytic Filter - $19.95

Change Every 24 months
UV - $9.95 each
Ozone - $9.95 each

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