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Mammoth xC HEPA Carbon UV Ozone Air Purifier - - 1

Mammoth xC HEPA Carbon UV Ozone Air Purifier


Incorporating both passive and active technology, this air purifier will meticulously defend your air space against all sorts of unwanted particles.

The Mammoth xC Air Purifier has the Pre-Filter, HEPA, Carbon, Photocatalytic Filters working endlessly to keep the air clean. Even as the air leaves the xC air purifier, the ionizer and the ozone drives out charged air particle to neutralize the air. 

The xC Air Purifier also comes with an easy to use remote control allowing you to conveniently control air purification without having to walk over to the air purifier. 

Don't settle for any other air purifier without power. The xC hasone of the most powerful fan available, giving it maximum power when needed while allowing the unit to operate silently while at low setting.

See how the Mammoth xC Air Purifier is the right choice for your home.

Mammoth xC Technical Specification

Input Voltage: AC 110V
Rated Power: 41 Watts (Ozone Off) to 48 Watts (Ozone Highest Level)
Fan Speed: Adjustable Setting with Max 2100 RPM
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Result: 150
Air Changes Per Hour: 180 CFM
Filtration size of particles: 0.3-5 micron
Filtration Efficiency (DOP): 99%
Filter: Pre-Filter + HEPA filter + Odor Carbon Filter+ Photocatalytic Filter
HEPA: Pleated HEPA Filter
Carbon: Sponge Carbon Filter
Filter Service Life: 1 IceTech All-in-One Filter Suggested 6 Months Life
UV Lamp: Single UV Lamp
Negative Ion: 4x106 ions/cm3 Carbon Fiber Brush
Ozone Output (at Max): 1 Plate - 180 mg/h, 2 Plate - 360 mg/h, 3 Plate - 540 mg/h (Adjustable and Optional On/Off)
Effective Area - Fan OnlY: 600 sq.ft (55 m2) Ozone: 3500 sq.ft (325 m2)
Product Dimensions - L: 9 3/4‰ (25 cm) W: 8 3/4‰ (22.5 cm) H: 12 1/4‰ (32.5 cm)
Support: Lifetime technical support & help

Mammoth xC Key Benefits:

  • Sleep better at night with the Mammoth xC's HEPA filter cleaning out 99.97% of all pollutants in the air. Sleep with a peace of mind.
  • Keeping baby safe with the Mammoth xC's UV and Photocatalytic filter destroy and denature the RNA of viruses and bacteria.
  • Say goodbye to odor with the Mammoth xC's Carbon filter absorbing unwanted odor in the air. The carbon filter binds with odor making particles.
  • Allergy is now yesterday's problem with Mammoth xC's filter, trapping pollens that causes sneezes and runny nose. Breath again without pills or medicine.

Mammoth xC Air Purifier Support Videos

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