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Mammoth Mini Ozonator Air Purifier


Mammoth Mini Air Purifier is a wall plug-in ionic air purifier that utilize the power of activated oxygen (ozone) at safe(<0.05 ppm) and negative ions (2 million/cubic cm/second) to attack and neutralizes bacteria, viruses, pet odor, cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Worried that bacteria and germs are building in grout, caulking, in crevices, around plumbing joints, under trash cans, hard to reach places? Keep your kids and family safe with our ionizer air purifier. Because ozone exist naturally in nature and breaks down after 20-30 minutes, it is a good natural alternative (& complementary) solution to household cleaning chemicals.

Mammoth Air Purifier believe in natural holistic way of destroying odors and other air pollutants without chemicals or other toxic man-made products. Mammoth Mini utilizes a regulated Ozone output system which produces Ozone, a chemical-free gas, that oxidizes (or eliminates) the unwanted bacteria, viruses, fungi, throughout the room.
The Mammoth Mini ion generator only utilizes as little as 4-7 Watts with a size of 5" x 4" x 3".

Mammoth Mini DOES NOT use any filters, which means you'll never have to replace any filters! There are pros and cons to both technology and accomplish different purification. Visit our site for more details.

Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty. Problems? Call us or visit us online to get personal service and lifetime technical support.

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