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Ebac PF-400 Multi Purpose Air Mover -

Ebac PF-400 Multi Purpose Air Mover


The Versatile Air Movement System - The PF400 is the most versatile air movement system available. It can be used as a stand alone fan for high capacity comfort cooling or in conjunction with a duct, to inject fresh air or extract contaminated air. By joining a series of ducts and fans together, the PF400 units can be used to extract or replenish air over considerable distances.

The Ebac PF-400 can be used wherever adverse environmental conditions pose a threat to health, safety or efficiency. The PF400 can be used in one of three ways to improve the air quality;

Cooling - Hot humid conditions are uncomfortable and lead to reductions in work force efficiency. By introducing a constant flow of fresh air, the PF400 unit ensures that even the hottest areas become cool and comfortable.

Ventilation - Conditions in crowded or poorly ventilated rooms are unpleasant and unhealthy. A lack of oxygen in the air causes drowsiness, making operation of machinery dangerous. A PF400 unit can provide a constant supply of fresh oxygen-rich air.

Extraction - In areas where fumes, dust or unpleasant smells prevail, the build up can be a risk to health and safety. The PF400 has the power to extract huge amounts of contaminated air through it's heavy duty, non-collapsible flexible ducting.

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