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Ebac CD35P 17 Pint Portable Commercial Dehumidifier -

Ebac CD35P 17 Pint Portable Commercial Dehumidifier


Ideal for use in both the professional industry and residential homes, the Ebac CD35P 17-pint portable commercial dehumidifier offers versatility in application. For added convenience, the CD35P includes a 25-foot hose and high capacity internal condensate pump. The internal humidistat automatically switches on and off to save you energy and expense by carefully maintaining your desired level of humidity.

  • Unit works at high capacity while maintaining a low temperature and quiet operation
  • EIP "Hot Gas" defrost features automatically melts frost buildup for effective maintenance
  • The attractive appearance makes them suitable for personal home use in residential work
  • Easily set up a hands-free drainage system with the supplied 25-foot length of hose
  • Unit has a quick disconnect to reduce setup and dismantling time

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