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Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier


Airmega 400 - An air purifier unlike any other!

The 400 model is not Wi-Fi / Mobile App-enabled. With Smart Mode (Auto, Sleep, Eco) and real-time air quality monitoring, you can rest assured you'll have clean air at all times.

At 1,560 square foot coverage, the 400 model offers the most air purifying capacity and should be used in larger spaces. All Airmega models comes with two Pre-filters and two Max2 Filters.

Brand History

The most advanced air purifier, Airmega, was developed by Coway, a company known for creating health-minded technologies. Located in South Korea, where concerns about air quality and environmental safety are common, Coway understands the importance of respiratory health and the difficulties caused by respiratory illness. Always thinking first about what is important to the customer, Coway manufactures a wide array of innovative, beautifully designed products that deliver high customer satisfaction. Combining great ideas for health with sophisticated design - that's what makes Coway a global leader in home wellness appliances and technologies.

Product Features

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Airmega's pollution sensor tells you the air quality inside in real time. The brightly colored LED ring lets you know if your indoor air is fresh or unhealthy, every minute of the day.

Smart Mode

With Smart Mode, Airmega adapts to its surroundings. Fan speeds automatically adjust based on the room's air quality and even its lighting conditions.

Dual Suction

Compact, efficient, and powerful. With its dual suction capability, Airmega can keep the air clean in a room up to 1,570 square feet. Airmega pulls in air from two sides, allowing more bad air in and pushing more good air out-to clean the air you breathe faster and more efficiently.

Advanced Filters

Airmega's advanced filters remove pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Filter Lifetime Indicator

Airmega tells you when it's time to clean or replace the filters - so you never have to think about it.

Airmega 400S/400/300S/300 User Manual

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