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Order securely online or by phone using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express; This is the default payment method.


You can pay securely with your PayPal account. During your checkout, you can select PayPal as a payment method to complete your payment.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is available for customers within United States as well as International Countries. This is the preferred method for international purchases. Please contact us for wire transfer payment details.

Mail-in Check

We accept mail. We understand this is the tried and true method of payments. Please do not mail cash! We can accept personal, money order, and cashier checks for your order. Please contact one of our support team member to help process your order; you will not be able to complete your transaction online. All personal checks will require a 7 day hold until we can release your product for shipment.

Purchase Order

All federal, state and local government agencies (including most schools and libraries) are automatically eligible for payment by purchase order. All other businesses may be eligible to order using a purchase order. Please contact us to discuss the possibility to using a purchase order.