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Lifetime Support

As part of the Shop Air Purifier club and as a customer, you automatically receive lifetime support. Whatdoes that really mean? Well, we believe staying healthy and being holistic is a commitment that one person has to make. We believe in that and we want to stand by you on your journey.

This is why at Shop Air Purifier, even if your product is out of warranty or if you decide some other company has a better offering, we will still be here to support you. How much does it cost? Nothing. In fact, if you sign up for our Shop Air Purifier club, you will receive 5% off your first order. We only store your name and email address; our server is encrypted and secured by Norton Anti-Virus and we safeguard your information as if it were our own.

If you are looking to purchase an air purifier, sign up now to get 5% off and receive a free White Paper on understanding the technology available in Air Purification and How To Pick the Right One.